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33 Years of Litigation Experience in Colorado

Since 1985, I have represented hundreds of clients to resolve their legal issues, whether in the courtroom or by negotiation and settlement.

If you need advice and representation regarding business or probate litigation, I can help. Contact The Moore Law Firm, PC to schedule your initial consultation.

Attorney Serving the Denver, Colorado Area

After practicing with several small general litigation firms in the Denver area, I opened The Moore Law Firm, PC to focus on the conflicts that arise in the trust and probate areas. We are located in Cherry Creek and share office space with nationally recognized legal estate planning and tax professionals. With my general business litigation background, having significant experience in probate and trust litigation and access to competent, complimentary legal resources, The Moore Law Firm PC is uniquely situated to help solve thorny litigation problems.

We will provide you our best advice and analyze your issues from a variety of angles to determine ways to resolve your legal issues, especially as to:

  • Trust-Estate-Probate Litigation — Litigation in the trust and estate areas can be problematic, especially for a personal representative or trustee who is not a professional. Problems can also arise with corporate fiduciaries and asset management, as well. Whether you are a fiduciary, beneficiary, heir or creditor in relation to an estate proceeding, we can advise you with regard to administration, your rights and responsibilities, proper administration and procedures to follow when there is a dispute.
  • Business Litigation – We have extensive experience in representing entities and individuals in business disputes, including partnership dissolution, employment rights, contract performance and breach, real estate transactions, creditor-debtor rights and collections.
  • Appeals – The firm has handled appeals from federal bankruptcy matters, state and U.S. district court cases, probate and trust proceedings, and state county court hearings.
  • Consultation and Expert Testimony – I frequently consult with other attorneys who do not regularly practice in the probate, trust, or conservatorship courts. I have often testified as an expert in fiduciary attorney fee disputes. Whether you practice as an estate or tax planner or handle civil litigation matters, should you need probate procedure and related expertise, we are at your service.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Contested issues rarely go to trial or hearing, and often the most economical and satisfying result is one the parties reach through compromise. We have assisted our clients in innumerable cases to reach agreements with adversaries through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
  • On-Site Referrals – We frequently refer clients needing estate and tax planning, or trust or probate administration services to this nationally recognized firm. If we cannot provide the specific services you need, we will refer you the right professional.

If you need the services of an experienced lawyer, e-mail me or call my Englewood office at 303-351-5626 for an initial consultation.

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