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Experienced Colorado Probate Litigation Since 1985

At The Moore Law Firm, PC we can help you work through estate and trust administration or litigation situations that may arise following the death of a relative or loved one. Often problems like those listed, below, can be solved short of litigation, through collaboration or mediation:

  • The designated trustee or personal representative prioritizes alternate interests over of the wishes of the deceased.
  • It is possible that the deceased was unable to make or express coherent directions in making his or her will or trust.
  • An advisor has manipulated the creation or administration of a will or trust, resulting in fraud or self-dealing.
  • You may contest administrative decisions or need to challenge the adequacy of a fiduciary’s accounting.
  • Collection or distribution of assets may not be proceeding properly, or timely.
  • Estate and income tax decisions by the fiduciary may be incorrect.
  • I frequently consult with tax and estate planners when litigation affects their clients. In addition to our extensive litigation experience, we know and can recommend trusted, competent estate and tax planners on referral.

If you need an attorney to assist with probate litigation, I can help. Call 303-945-3506 for an initial consultation or contact us through our Web site.

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