Contested Matters

Litigation in probate estate and trust cases is wide-ranging. We have successfully represented clients in all types of proceedings including will contests, common law spouse and surviving spouse disputes, fiduciary surcharge and breach of duty cases, real property conflicts arising in probate estate and trust matters, will and trust construction/interpretation cases, disputes regarding settlement and distribution of probate and trust estates, and fee disputes.

We provide honest, reliable and experienced legal services

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Consultation – Guidance in Fiduciary Administration

Managing, administering, and settling a probate or trust estate can be daunting. We help lay and experienced fiduciaries carry out their duties properly and efficiently.

Protective Proceedings

Guardianships and Conservatorships exist to protect minors, differently abled persons or those with diminished capacity, and often present a variety of challenges. We are here to help families meet those challenges, ensure that protective orders are appropriately entered, and that guardianships and conservatorships affecting our clients and their families are managed properly.

Services - Protective Proceedings